Nasty Beat


The electrifying journey of Sergiu Tita, known to the world as Nasty Beat, a British/Romanian music artist and producer. His story began in the vibrant streets of Romania back in 2003. His passion for music knows no bounds and has since evolved into a global sensation currently based in the United Kingdom. He’s lit up over 400 stages with electrifying performances and collaborated with a wide range of artists.


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Creative Composition

Let us nurture and elevate your sonic vision on your journey to success.


Give your sound the improvements it deserves, whether it is a Stereo, Dolby Atmos, Binaural, or Ambisonic Production.

Audio Editing

We treat, correct and restore your audio for the best dynamic outcome, no matter if it is a song, podcast, movie or any type of project.



November 2024

A new enterprise will be opening soon as “I Pro Audio” by Sergiu Tita, provide all sorts of music services such as post-production, Dolby Atmos projects and teaching.

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