About Us

The project Nasty Beat Production started in the year 2003 with Sergiu Tita, now known as the artist Nasty Beat.

We started small with just the passion for music, joining dance crews, becoming dance professionalist and instructor in Dance, Rap, and Break-Dance.

After that, my passion for music just grow, making me evolve and start to enter a boys band for singing and dancing, Pushing one another to break the limit to start making our own songs and becoming songwriters.

In 2005 I wanted to become a Dj, mixing at home with AtomixMP3 soft, made a bootleg that was successful on the Radio.

2008 started mixing live in clubs and concerts in different cities in Romania using all sorts of equipment.  I produced music with my band for years and I started to collaborate with artists as well as doing different stuff for TV, Radio or online. Using as a DAW Cubase, having my own studio has helped me to get better on music production.

After a couple of years, I was also a mentor to inspire new generation’s people for music production and being a trainer for young people, making them to follow a career in music and study music production in the University’s of United Kingdom.

I stopped making music when my father got sick of cancer. After his death I moved in the United Kingdom, working different jobs, and then my mother died breaking my music career but also making me realise that music is my passion and the road that I want to follow in life.
I started in 2019 studying audio mixing and mastering engineers from Bobby Owsinki from books and tutorials, making my own music studio here in the United Kingdom. Want to take my music career to the next level by studying at the University of Derby, BSc (Hons) in Music Production this year, as all of it was done by my music ear, and self-tough.

2019 Is the official year of our come back in the music world as Nasty Beat Production.
Sergiu Tita ( Nasty Beat )