What do we do?

What do we do? Is sound design, audio engineering, post-production (mixing and mastering), music production for different varieties projects such as games, remixes, commercials, original song productions and background audio for video projects, etc. 

Our mixing and mastering service takes your production to the next level by getting that perfect sound that you track deserves. We do that by taking care of all of the song’s 6 elements in the mixing process which is Balance, Frequency Range, Panorama, Dimension, Dynamics, Interest.

Mixing process it’s by establishing and developing the groove of the song, emphasizing the most important elements and putting the performers in an environment, mixing and mastering it is a process that takes more then a day even if is ready from the first day, all professionals engineers know that is always best to recheck the work in another day with refreshed set of ears to make sure you get the best of the best.

The mixing and mastering that we offer are all done in the box with studies done from award winner audio engineer such as Bobby Owsinski but also from the University of Derby where we study BSc (Hons) Music Production