Official remix released on the 13.04.2021
Nasty Beat – Falling for love
( Published on 06 November 2020 by the record label United Music Hits )
Nasty Beat – No Escape
Published in 19 November 2020
Nasty Beat – I need you ( Published on 18 September 2020 by the record label Blanco y Negro )
Nasty Beat – One more night ( Published on 19 June 2020 by the record label Blanco y Negro )
Nasty Beat – One more night ( Published on 19 June 2020 by the record label Blanco y Negro )
New official music video on my artist VEVO channel “Bang Bang I love you”
Nasty Beat – Outbreak
Attention! This song is not created to scare people and create panic, it’s purpose is to create awareness that covid 19 it’s a real global outbreak danger, and to stop the spreading it by following the correct protocol for health and safety, so that everyone can be safe!
Factories stop making expensive clothes and star making masks for protection, World leaders stop the wars and start working an vaccine, people are dying every day, make mass production for tests and anti-bacterial solutions, rich people stop buying expensive stuff and donate to hospitals money will not save you. Humanities is at his crisis, Covid 19 is not just a flu is spreading like a cancer and if we don’t stop it soon 50% of the human race will get sick! (Remember you history!, Plague of Justinian, black plague and third pandemic).
New Remix!
For this remix, the stems to be remixed were provided by Native Instruments and Metapop.
This song is produced by Sergiu Tita (Nasty Beat) at Nasty Beat Production is an old type of hip hop like back in the days that 50 Cent, The Game, Fat Joe made music. The song was produced for a Fashion Show in the UK primarily but is also available for everyone to enjoy now.
2 Sample of our Mixing and Mastering
Nasty Beat – Na Na Eh Eh
Published in 13 July 2019
Faydee – Maria (Nasty Beat & Dj Sebastiann Remix)
Published in 12 July 2014
Nasty Beat – Freedom
Published in 3 Oct. 2015
Nasty Beat – Beat time Rocker
Published in 26 March 2014
Mihai S – Mistletoe (Nasty Beat Production Live Cover)
Published in 15 Dec. 2014
Baby Bash ft. Marty James -Fantasy Girl (Nasty Beat Personal Extended)
Published in 29 Dec 2013
Nasty Beat – Summer Love
Published in 10 Apriel 2014
LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking (Nasty Beat Extended)
Published in 07 May 2012
Nasty Beat – We Play House (Original Mix)
Published in 17 July 2011
Nasty Beat Ft. Mihai S. – Si daca ( Live performance )
Published in 14 Nov. 2014
In the memory of my dad and original Songwriter for this song.