Official remix released on the 13.04.2021
Hi guys, I have some great news that starting from next Monday (15.03.2021), Nasty Beat Production will start doing production and post-production services for ambisonics in 1st, 2nd and 3rd order for VR (Virtual Reality), and we also continue to do mono, stereo, and 5.1 also.
A preview photo of our new home studio.
One of my opinions has been added to the official website why I love doing BSc Music Production at the University of Derby, and why I will recommend for anyone passionate about music to come and join us at the University so they can also become a professional.

Thanks to all the fans out there and supporters and to the record label United Music Hits, for making my new song to reach 22.9K in just one week one of the many platforms streaming. And making it to be on top charts chill out songs.
New song released on 6 November 2020 with the record label United Music Hits ( Nasty Beat – Falling for love )
Releasing today a new song (Nasty Beat – No Escape), it’s a type of American-Jazz song. It’s available on all streaming services.
The new song “I need you” featured on SoundLab.
A new song will be released on 19/10/2020 called “Nasty Beat – No Escape” Is an old type of American Jazz, it will be available on all digital stores and platforms.
The song ” Nasty Beat – I need you ” playing on BBC Radio East Midlands
Saturday 26 September 2020, the new song will start playing also in the UK radio stations, starting with BBC Music Introducing in the East Midlands between 8pm – 8:30pm
The new song “Nasty Beat – I need you” has been released with the record label Blanco y Negro
The song Bang Bang I love you, landed on pop music news.
Link to pop music news:
NEW SONG! On the 1st of December the song “I’m Lost” will be released without a record label but available on over 150 digital stores, also published with Sentric and a music video on my official VEVO artist channel.
NEW SONG! Will be released with the record label United Music Hits on the 6th of November.
NEW SONG! Will be released with the record label Blanco y Negro on the 19th of September with also a music video.
The new track with the record label Blanco y Negro has been released on 19 June 2020! and will be available shortly on all platforms and radio stations in Spain, and many more.
On the 19th of June, the record label Blanco y Negro and Nasty Beat Production are releasing a new song ” Nasty Beat – One more night ” and will be shortly available on all the platforms and playing on all radio stations in Spain.

Blanco y Negro is the leading independent record company in the market in Spain. Founded in 1983 by Felix Buget and his brothers Luis and Jaime, with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​it is currently one of the European reference labels in electronic music. With artists such as Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Axwell, Bob Sinclar, Don Diablo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, etc.
On the 5th of May the song “Bang Bang I love you” will be released with an official music video for it!
Our new song on Spinnin Records
In May Nasty Beat Production will release two new songs, one Dance-House and second one Hip Hop with the Hip Hop artist from Poland Wojciech Knes
New song released and available on Spinnin Records, this song is like the old type of hip hop, like 50 Cent, The Game, Fat Joe,
Mix Mania Native Instruments 18 songs mix in 15 min
Time to create some new analog sounds
Just another day in the studio, checking my work before realising it next week.
Stay tune new song by Nasty Beat Production. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music, over 150+ digital stores.
Hi all, great news, at the end of this week the first officially Nasty Beat Studio for Post/Music Production in the UK will be finalized build it, with the latest equipment and software on the market, making a come back with a different style of production, that was learned from the most famous sound engineer’s around the world and the University of Derby where I study BSc Music Production, stay tuned next year will release our first album.
Getting ready for live performance and to start new projects
Starting a new live recording session at the University
2 samples of our mixing and mastering performance

New song published by Nasty Beat Production

Music arrangement: Nasty Beat

Audio mixing and mastering: Nasty Beat

Our new business card
It’s alive, First creation at the University!